Go to the Twitch SubOnly VOD you want. Copy the link and past it on bar. Choose your quality and Load for free.

If there are any problems, press ctrl+f5 or contact me, Enjoy

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I have one of these errors, what should I do? :

- There are cuts at times : The reason for this is that if the basic video contains copyrighted music then the part will be deleted.

- Vod is shorter than it should be, what to do? Video with long and high quality causes this problem. If this happens you can either wait for it to be totally archived or you can lower the quality with the button to the left of the load button. (if one quality does not work, test the others)

- My vod does not load : this bug is the most serious and has no solution actually it happens on old video. You can also try to press Ctrl+f5

how to report a bug ? :

- Your report must contain the url of the vod, the bug found and the device on which you are. Contact me on the feedback at the bottom right or on twitter @subvod_ml

What are the future additions ? :

- The addition of a chat.

- Create an extension to directly redirect to the site from twitch.

- Add the possibility to download a video in mp4

How can I support you ? :

- I try to put as little disturbing ads on the site and I try to make the site as pleasant as possible you can support me on https://ko-fi.com/subvod, anything would make me happy !

How are you ? :

- fine and you ?